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I'm a Belgian based artist, who likes to work both traditionally and digitally.

Even as a little kid i was very interested in drawing, coloring, doing arts and crafts..

My parents or grandmother would give me some pencils and paper, and I would keep myself busy for hours.

Teenagers often lose interest in drawing, not me. I found books on how to draw in my dad's old schoolbook-collection from his days as a teacher. I pretty much tried to copy every single page. Even trying to sell my creations in my mother's flower shop.

In highschool I would get into trouble for not paying attention and drawing all over my textbooks. It once even landed me in detention.

Once I had to choose where to go to college, I chose "Digital arts and entertainment" in Kortrijk. There I discovered my love for digital painting.

Now, in adult life, I still can't put my pencil down, just like when I was that little kid that got given some paper and markers. Continuing to learn and further my skills, looking at artist I admire, or just let the inspiration come and create freely.



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